Tax Services

Offering accurate and complete compliance

Offering accurate and complete compliance

In dealing with local tax issues, success depends on having a good partner you can deal with, who works on the same level as you do and has a deep understanding of your concerns and the opportunities available to you. Offering tailored solutions based on our local expertise, APO-Tax Corporation is committed to providing detailed tax compliance and advisory services.

Tax Compliance

  1. Registration of consumption tax (Japanese VAT) and ID number
  2. Consumption tax returns
  3. Corporate income tax returns
  4. Individual tax returns
  5. Withholding tax reports
  6. Depreciable asset reports
  7. Statutory BEPS reporting

Attendance at Tax Audits

  1. Liaising with tax auditors
  2. Communicating with clients’ tax departments in English
  3. Amending tax returns and responding to requests for corrections

Tax Consulting and Advice

  1. Tax election for consumption tax and other tax statuses
  2. Meetings and discussions about Japanese tax issues in English
  3. Preparation of tax opinion letters in English

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