Start-up Services

Ensuring a smooth start for your business in Japan

Ensuring a smooth start for your business in Japan

Various filing and registration procedures are required to start operations in Japan. We provide one-stop service to foreign corporations doing business in Japan in cooperation with APO-Tax Corporation, APO-Social Insurance Consultants Corporation and our network of law firms.

  1. Advising on the legal formation of a business (branch/company)
  2. Support for the legal registration of a branch/subsidiary, visa petitions, etc.
  3. Consultation on corporate and consumption tax issues
  4. Assisting with opening of bank accounts and web banking setup
  5. Filing various reports required by the tax authorities
  6. Initial payroll setup (calculation and payment)
  7. Enrolling in social and labor insurance
  8. Advising on employment contracts, work rules, labor management, etc.
  9. Setting up a chart of accounts and general ledger system

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