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AP Outsourcing provides outsourcing services and consulting to a wide range of businesses, including major Japanese and well-known foreign companies. We would like to introduce our broad experience and the strengths of APO.

By the Numbers

Ratio of domestic to foreign-based clients

Ratio of domestic to foreign-based clients

Foreign-based clients' countries of origin

Foreign-based clients' countries of origin

Industries Portfolio

Industries Portfolio


Accounting Services

  1. Transaction processing, including accounts payable and cash disbursement, billing and cash applications, settlement of employees’ expenses, property ledger control, etc.
  2. Bookkeeping and periodical book closing
  3. Financial reporting in accordance with U.S. GAAP and/or IFRS
  4. Financial reporting and disclosures in accordance with statutory requirements
  5. Support of group reporting systems
  6. Assistance with internal auditors
  7. IR and financial translation
  8. On-site staff services

Payroll Services

  1. Monthly payroll and bonus processing
  2. Payment of payroll, taxes, and social insurance
  3. Year-end tax adjustments
  4. Payroll accounting
  5. Expatriate payroll with gross-up calculation
  6. Social insurance administration
  7. Resident tax administration
  8. Various statutory tax and social insurance reports
  9. Advice on payroll tax, labor management, etc.
  10. Employees’ helpdesk service

Tax Services

  1. Tax compliance
    • Registration of consumption tax (Japanese VAT) and ID number
    • Consumption tax returns
    • Corporate tax returns
    • Individual tax returns
    • Withholding tax report
    • Depreciable asset reports
    • Statutory BEPS reporting
  2. Attendance at tax audits
    • Communication with client’s tax department in English
  3. Tax consulting and advice
    • Preparation of tax opinion letters in English

Start-up Services

  1. Advice on legal formation of a business
    (e.g., branch, subsidiary, LLC)
  2. Assisting with the opening of bank accounts
  3. Filing various reports required by the tax authorities
  4. Enrollment in social insurance and labor insurance
  5. Advice on employment contracts, work rules,
    labor management, etc.
  6. Setting up a chart of accounts and general ledger system

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